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I work as coordinator at the Twente Graduate School of the University of Twente in The Netherlands. I am also a collaborator in the Master in Analysis and Prevention of Crime at the Universidad Miguel Hernández in Elche, Spain. I am an architect and urban planner by training. Both my MSc and PhD entailed the use of geoinformatics, the latter focussed on urban risk management. I've worked in both the practitioner and academic sectors. My research interests relate to safety and security, in particular (spatio-temporal) risk modelling and evaluation of prevention strategies. My international experience includes working in The Netherlands, Colombia, Perú, Bolivia, India, Japan and Costa Rica. I've worked together with researchers from industrial, governmental and academic organizations. I've been principal investigator of an NWO (i.e. the Dutch Research Council) funded project on energy grid resilience to both natural hazards and malicious attacks and also co-managed a large European Union-funded project about socio-technical security risks.

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