Research supervised



Improvement of the robustness of the energy grid to natural disasters and human attacks - Dr. Alexandr Vasenev (Russia).



Social engineering risk assessment - Jan-Willem Bullee (The Netherlands).


Geo-information for measuring vulnerability to earthquakes: a fitness for use approach - Verónica Botero (Colombia). Note: not supervised until the end due to end of my contract.

Master of Science


Strength in partnership? A qualitative evaluation of the public-private partnership project Samen Alert 24/7, between the Policeforce Twente and private security companies - Rob Heining (The Netherlands).

A modelling approach for secure business processing - Student name restricted (Greece).


Permeance of ICT in crime in India - Gaurav Misra (India).


Residential Burglaries: A Comparison between self-report studies of burglaries and observational data from Enschede - Feike Aantjes (The Netherlands).


Is there anybody home? A case study in the district IJsselland about the offenders, the victims and the targets of home robberies - Aniek Oude-Alink (The Netherlands) (cum laude). Note: not supervised until the end due to end of my contract.

How safe do you feel in your own neighbourhood? A closer look at the fear of crime of individuals living in neighbourhoods in Roosendaal - Carmen Vlaskamp (The Netherlands). Note: not supervised until the end due to end of my contract.


Urban heritage conservation: Hanhou, Wuhan, China - Xu Xi (China).


Fuzzy evaluation of urban environmental quality: Wuchang, China - Dou Kaili (with distinction) (China).

Planning support for urban spatial development: Zhening, China - Li Yuan (China).

Planning the growth of peri-urban settlements: Manzini, Swaziland - Busa Nkosingiphile Masina (Swaziland).


Redevelopment of under-served settlements: Colombia, Sri Lanka - Mangalika Ekanayake (Sri Lanka).


Risk management and urban planning: Arequipa, Perú - Catherina Martin-Valdivia (Perú).

Professional Master


Use of green space: Zamalek, Cairo - Albert Mugenyi (Uganda).


An urban information system to support building control function: Lahore Metropolitan Corporation, Pakistan - Mubushar Hussain (with distinction) (Pakistan).

Developing drainage options for informal settlements: Keko Mwanga, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - Itai Lawrence Dhliwayo (Tanzania).

Application of remote sensing and GIS in the housing delivery process: Cebu City, Philippines - Mahesh Chandra Neupane (Nepal).

Monitoring and evaluating of informal settlement: Keko Mwanga, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - Feng Wenli (China).

Planning suitable areas for residents of high-risk informal areas using GIS: Cebu, Philippines - Selma Bingol (Turkey).

Bachelor of Science


Het meten van cybercrime: validiteit van de door het CBS gebruikte vragenlijst en alternatieve mogelijkheden (The measuring of cybercrime: validity of the questionnaire used by the CBS and possible alternatives - Rick Verkade (The Netherlands).


Eerste hulpverlening in het voetbalstadion: een casestudy naar de concentratie van medische incidenten in voetbalstadion de Grolsch Veste (First aid in a football stadium: a case study on the concentration of medical incidents in the Grolsch Veste stadium) - Mark Jansen (The Netherlands).

Criminaliteit en overlast rondom drugsgerelateerde plaatsen: een onderzoek naar de criminaliteit en overlast rondom coffeeshops en growshops in Enschede (Criminality and disturbance near drug-related sites: a research on criminality and disturbance around cannabis cafeterias and ‘growshops’ in Enschede - Marco-Jan van der Galiën (The Netherlands).


Woninginbraken en buurtkenmerken: een onderzoek naar de samenhang tussen woninginbraken en buurtkenmerken in de gemeente Enschede (Residential burglary and neighbhourhood characteristics: a research on the between the residential burglaries and the neighbourhood characteristics in the Municipality of Enschede - Elise strongjer (The Netherlands).


Fysieke omgevingskenmerken en de kans op woninginbraak (Physical characteristics and the likelihood of residential burglary) - Mark Broekhuis (The Netherlands).

Woninginbraak en daderkenmerken (Residential burglary and offender characteristics) - Aniek Oude-Alink (The Netherlands).

Invloed van weersomstandigheden op het aantal woninginbraken in de periode van 2004 t/m 2008 in de Gemeente Enschede (The effect of weather characteristics on the number of residential burglaries during 2004-2008 in Municipality Enschede) - Kim Brunninkhuis (The Netherlands).